We have the great pleasure of working with these lovely people.



In order to move better, we need to know how our individual body is supposed to move, even if it doesn't move that way yet. Rachael is wonderful at working to make this happen while also educating and explaining the hows and whys of the process. She will enhance your living experiences.


Professional Musician

“As a profession musician, comfort in my hands and arms are important for optimal musical performance.I have been suffering from pain in my right hand and arm from the weight of holding my instrument.  Rachael’s MAT has relieved a lot of the pain which I have been experiencing and feel that the muscles in my right hand, arm and shoulder are stronger, thus relieving the pain and weakness I have been experiencing.  I would highly recommend MAT verses any kind of hypodermic shots in the joints and muscles.  Thank you Rachael at The Root of Motion for your help!”


Olympian, World Cup Champion Professional Triathlete

“I started using MAT six weeks ago. I have finally found the results I have been searching for to help me overcome an injury from four years ago!  I have tried other treatments in the past and nothing has proven to work like MAT.  I feel stronger and faster while training and racing.  In addition, my injuries and soreness have greatly decreased while swimming, biking and running.  I recently won my first World Cup and look forward to continue using MAT to help me reach my goal of qualifying for the 2012 London Olympics and winning a medal. I recommend MAT to all levels of athletes, from beginners to professionals in helping you enjoy what you are doing injury free and performing to your best potential.”


B.S. Exercise Science, NASM CPT, CES, PES Minor in Nutrition

“I asked my chiropractor, Darrell Murphy about Active Release Therapy and he introduced me to Rachael Durnell and Muscle Activation Techniques.  Darrell told me she is the only certified MAT specialist in the state.  From what he said I was very intrigued and eager to get started.  I primarily went to her for my shoulder which I suffered from Traumatic Brain Injury/car accident.  What she has done with my shoulder has been amazing, there is a larger range of motion in multiple planes.  Shortly after I had her look at my knee AND that’s when I learned:  Even though you’re a Natural Bodybuilder this doesn’t mean you aren’t weak.  You don’t realize how weak you REALLY are until you visit Rachael!  I had multiple problems biomechanically and a number of muscles that were weak. So for any person who reads this, I’d recommend dialing Rachael’s number immediately!  You’ll be amazed at how much better you’ll feel not only walking out but in everyday life!”


Elsah, Illinois

“Rachael Durnell is a very capable MAT practitioner and a wonderful person. I found her contact information on the MAT website and went to her for a muscle problem in my left hip area that made it very difficult for me to walk.  After having two treatments a week for eight weeks, I was able to walk without difficulty and even to go dancing!

I found Rachael to be very knowledgeable about MAT, persistent, and dedicated to the goal of working out a solution to my problem.  I highly recommend her to anyone hampered by muscle difficulties.

I was able to drive 10 hours a day for three days on my way home from St. Louis to San Diego and found that my hip felt better after these long days in the car than after my short drives from her office back to Elsah, Illinois, where I was staying.  Thank you Rachael at The Root of Motion, for everything you have done for me!”


Running coach for 30 years, Life long runner

“Rachael helped me to return to running after a serious back injury. After just a handful of MAT treatments my pain was significantly reduced and my functionality was improved. I was skeptical at first because I was unfamiliar with MAT but it worked for me. Clearly, it is not massage, acupressure, or yoga. It is a unique and advanced form of hands- on therapy which simultaneously strengthens targeted muscles while increasing their range of motion. I recommend this approach if you want to improve your stability, range of motion, strength and flexibility.

Rachael at The Root of Motion, will customize your treatment plan based on your needs.”


Triathlete and half marathoner

“I started seeing Rachael in early March of 2010 for a persistent hamstring injury from the previous triathlon season and low back pain. I had my first half marathon scheduled for that month and was concerned I wouldn’t be able to run the whole race due to the injuries. During the treatments on my hamstring and back, I mentioned to Rachael that one of my problems with my training was a breathing disorder called Vocal Chord Dysfunction (VCD). VCD mimics the symptoms of sports-induced asthma, and in fact I had been treated for asthma for over 3 years with steroid inhalers, which didn’t work. An asthma specialist explained that VCD has no cure or treatment, and I would just need to learn to adapt or stop training and racing. Obviously I didn’t stop, but the difficulty breathing meant that I had to walk frequently on long runs or on uphill sections as I literally gasped for air. The same thing with biking; long bike rides at any speed meant gasping and hills were killers.

Rachael asked if she could try a treatment that might help my breathing. As I had nothing to lose, I said sure. I noticed during my run the next morning that I was breathing easier! I saw Rachael one more time before I had to fly out for my half marathon and she focused much of the treatment on my torso muscles for breathing. My half marathon was in Sarasota, FL, so mostly flat with the only hill being a long bridge we had to cross twice. I did have to walk part way up the bridge each way, but other than that I ran the entire race!! Breathing didn’t become difficult until mile 10, and even then I was still able to keep running, but had to modify my breathing. There is not a doubt in my mind that the treatments from Rachael allowed me to run without gasping for air. And the hamstring didn’t bother me at all the entire race or even afterward.

And the effects of the treatments continue today. I can now run up hills without gasping. I’m not fast, but I can run. The hamstring no longer bothers me when I run or bike. The low back is a work in progress, but I did have an auto accident that could be affecting the rate at which it will heal.”


Physician, licensed in Missouri and Illinois Board Certified in Internal Medicine

“It’s not hard to recognize a healer. Rachael Durnell is one.

First she observes. She has you move. Rotate. Bend. Flex. Straighten. She makes mental notes. She asks questions on how the movement feels. She nods her head and smiles. Then she starts her amazing work that they call Muscle Activation Technique.

As a physician, I should understand the process.

After assessing your range of motion, she performs a series of muscle tests which requires you to hold a position as she pushes in a specific, sometimes seemingly contorted direction. You hold against her resistance, which isolates a muscle that may have been dormant for years or may have been overpowered by its stronger neighbors since a recent injury.

She then kneads the weak muscle at its attachment site, naming each muscle as she addresses its pain and
weakness. She recalls names of muscles that I hadn’t heard since medical school. Popliteus. Splenius capitus. I often am surprised that some of these muscles carry such hidden soreness. After the palpation that activates the affected muscle, she retests the muscle.

To my amazement, after a series of these selected point massages and activations, the muscles are no longer sore in that exact same spots that were very sore just minutes ago. Somehow, the muscles now feel free. Getting off the table after nearly an hour, I now feel that this particular area on which she worked -whether it be the neck this week, or hip the week before – suddenly feels free and light. The tension and heaviness are gone. The restriction of motion is gone. I wonder how I carried that excess tension and restriction for so long. Although Rachael’s process is very scientific, it feels as if the muscles are in some sort of meditation. They feel freed like the genie has been freed from the bottle.

I was referred to Rachael not by a physician, but rather by my trainer Brian, who previously had a traumatic brain injury_ which left him with chronic residual weakness on his left side.  He’s working hard to overcome it, and I now understand the confidence he has in Rachael. She has helped him. Now she has helped me.

Yes, Rachael is a healer. She has an amazing understanding of the human body. She listens. She cares. She clearly enjoys what she does. A lot. And she brings success and healing. And although I understand the miraculous…”