Aligning Mind with Motion

Aligning Mind with Motion

by Rachael Durnell | Nov 1, 2016 | Personal Stories | 0 comments

I Love Climbing! 

There are so many things I Love about climbing.

I have the upmost respect for our ability to use our strength to coordinate the body in motion, and shifting our balance to produce the next move.

This thoughtful awareness and presence to make the shift and control our motion is unique to climbing and also shared within a yoga practice.

Not to forget mention that transition of motion is beauty and art in the finest.

But what I really LOVE is how it parallels experiences with LIFE.


My love with climbing started in 2004 when I was a personal trainer at Lifetime Fitness in Warrenville IL.  

First off, I love to assist others. Helping them see that a messy situation in her/his life is easy to manage one step at a time is my heart’s work.  In essence my passion is to help others with mind-body-other clutter aligning the head and the heart. My obsession with physical clutter is also deserving its recognition and perhaps a second occupation in the future.

Secondly, Ugh! I hated the gym for 8 hours. I felt like a lab rat- who (GOD-love that body I did have at 23!) still needed to work hard on my body. 

I was an over-educated, underpaid, terrible sales woman, and I knew in my heart that although I was helping clients, I was not doing what I needed to be doing, or where I needed to be doing it. 

Under the fluorescent lights, selling training like people would not make this change without spending money on package of 24 sessions for $2400 and some change, felt like a sham. Followed by a, “Rachael what are your sales projected for this week?”

Then on top of this, I had to work my body out! So my time in the gym became more like 10 hours!  

But back to climbing!

I was blessed with the distraction of a climbing gym in Lifetime-Vertical Endeavors!

This places was my refuge and my savior to my sanity. 

I got out of the gym! Out of the focus of the stage, I felt was fitness floor.

What I did not expect was to find and grow with the perspective that has helped me so much and continues to 12 years later.   

You see, with climbing I am alone in my headspace and need to focus. I need to make choices based off of what my body is feeling and what my head is assessing.  It is a beautiful thing to have, this focus.

What is the risk in making the next taped or un-taped move? 

A Great one? 

Perceived as such, but not great? 

I am pumped? Or over my head?

Do I “Let go and fall?”  Ohhhh, maybe not. 

How about “Take” a rest and reassess my next motions. 

Or just…commit and trust that “You Got this!”

Ultimately, I learned to trust myself and trust my partner, or comically and realistically that at least the rope and equipment had my decision and body/back/life.


My Life was in such a cloudy state of “what now” that I HAD to see the same choices above and “rope up” in life also.

That is the awesome thing about life!

There are risks.  Big ones that leave your heart absolutely open. Open to failure, to love, to confusion, even others ill wills, but you have to move and have solace in the possible outcomes. You may stall, fall, wait it out and let time make the inevitable force of gravity overcome you-or you place your trust in you, in your higher, in your heart to make it happen-whatever your situation is to become next.


This is my beautiful, freeing, breath of wisdom that I have acquired in layers and through climbs. 

Love. You.  

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